Parent and Child 2 Year Olds Program Details

Two years old by September 1

MON 8:45-11:15 AM
WED 9:05-11:35 AM

Parents attend class with their child one day per week, allowing them to learn alongside their children. Children experience a safe and supportive environment where they can develop a sense of trust with teachers (and other adults) and interact with other children.

children garden play

Outdoors, a large yard allows children to move freely and participate in a wide variety of experiences which help them develop their gross motor skills. The outdoor environment also allows for many different tactile experiences: sandbox play and sensory table activities along with a variety of open-ended art experiences encourage creativity, fine motor development, and sensory exploration.

Indoors, there are a variety of manipulatives, such as puzzles and blocks, which allow children to develop their fine motor and cognitive skills, and a quiet area where children can explore books. A play kitchen encourages role playing and imaginative play. Stories, songs, finger-plays and movement are introduced, especially at circle time.

chlidren corn activity

The twos program encourages children to develop social relationships while moving away from parallel play and into the stage of associative play. Two-year-olds have the opportunity to play, share, and interact with children the same age. They are also given the opportunity to interact with the teacher and other parents, and learn to successfully separate from their parents in a safe and nurturing environment. Part of each class is devoted to parent education, which gives each parent and child the opportunity to successfully separate.

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Mindy Lieberman
Sristi Sapkota
(Assistant Teacher)